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A Very Special Night with "Earth Minor" with their debut album: " Dark Matters ".
What a great experience was to have the band " Earth Minor " on my show!
It was a delighted and unforgettable experience.
These guys are so talented, and they seemed so humble and down to earth.
Every time I see great talent I truly get very excited.I cant help it, it is incredible, in the words of my boy the great actor John Malkovich in "Dangerous Laisons" ..." It is beyond my control ". Yes, it was beyond my control. I was very excited because my boys ROCKED my show last night. They truly did.
Every song was beautiful, and each one of them were different in their own way. Every song had their own voice.
The commitment, the talent and passion were overwhelming.
Thank you guys for coming. It truly was a great show, you made it GREAT!
I hope from the bottom of my heart that you guys make it BIG!
Like I said before, keep working, keep dreaming, keep hoping and keep doing the best you can and NEVER NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

Boxing Night W/6X World Champ Emile Griffith
Boxing Night with Six Time World Champion Emile Griffith and his son, Luis Griffith.

Having Emile and Luis Griffith in the show was a great honor and it was so much fun. They were great guests.
It is incredible how tough boxing can be. This man,fought so many fights and battles and there he was, present and terrific. His smiled all the time, he was well-mannered and he listened very well.
It was interesting to get to know such interesting heroe. I admire and respect the fact that he embrassed himself the best way he could. He was brave. The circunstances allowed him to be brave an a sport dominated by "Man Image"
Nobody should be penalized for the skin of their color, sex preference o religion.
Life is about changing and growing, and making mistakes and taking choices. We are not perfect creatures, but we are human and we live, we keep growing and learning, and many times we might feel lost but it is part of the journey. Emiles journey was a remarkable story, taking care of his family like he did, in a very special way he always provided for his family with a sense of honor and respect, duty and love, caring and maybe sometimes, obligation.
His life and fights are well known in the Boxing World, and I had the honor to have him and his son as a guest.
Luis Griffith, thank you very much for coming. You were there, giving me a hand with your dad. You did a remarkable job, to the point that I would say with humbleness, that "You stoled the show" - in a good way of course. I like to see my guests taking over, that is the only way your learn.
You know your dad more that I can say, you helped him even remembering, many times we went back in time, again and again and you were right there, and I was right there with you,making fool of myself. Thank you once again.
Great night, great evening, great conversation.
It was an unpredictable experience, I can tell you that.
Emile,you threw me off several times over, but hey, I loved it!

April 26,2010
Monday night.
I enjoy writing very much, it doesnt mean I call myself a writer. To be able to call yourself a writer you have, pretty much, spend your whole life doing in, and that is not my case, at least,for now.I have to make the time, that is for sure.
I am developing three scripts, one is my one-woman show for the stage, called "Me, Myself and America", the other one is the play called "The Affair", and the other one is "The Lesson".
They are work in progress, of course.
But because I love the craft deeply, and I love to read and watch all kinds of movies, like a maniac, I can appreciate when two women get together to work extremely hard to write a very good script, a great and truthful story. This is the case of the film, "Entre Nos".
What makes the story compelling is the sense of truth of the perfomances. It is a true story, -Paola Mendoza-, director and writer of the story leads the movie with drive,strenght and passion portraying her mother,along with Gloria La Morte,co-director and co-writer,both of them developed a plot that takes you for a very interesting journey.
Along with them, the kids, Sebastian Villalta and Laura Montana. What can I say about them? They were adorable.
They were present, truthful and powerful.
I had the privilege to bring them to my show and it was quite a ride. All of them were unique in their own way. It was a big surprise to see Sebastian a little older, time goes so fast that is scary.
Laura Montana, the young girl was cute, beautiful and charming.
Gloria La Morte, a Lady, I must say, -She was very grounded, smart and funny. She was very willing to answer every question and Paola Mendoza, the star, a true gift. She is a very talented young woman who deserves all the best. She was very humble too. A "drop dead gorgeous woman,"-somebody said, at the channel, certainly he couldn't hold the thought, Can you blame him?

April 26th 2010
Having the cast of Entre Nos was very excited for me.
Paola Mendoza,Gloria La Morte,
Sebastian Villada and the lovely Laura Montada.
It is great to have a conversation with very gifted people who are making their dreams come true. This movie was a dream come true, each one of them is committed to the task.
Paola Mendoza is a very well spoken, smart, very humble and drop dead gorgeous woman,she is a knock-out!
Gloria La Morte, the director along Paola is very nice too. They seem to have their feet very set on the ground. Gloria was there, willing to answer every single question. Great attitude!
The kids were there too, and they were fun.
Thank you for coming and the best of lucks with this film.
It was fun.

April 23th 2010 - Paola Mendoza
I am very excited to have Paola Mendoza as a guest for the simple reason that she is a very accomplished actor and artist. I am looking forward to tonight's interview. I will let you know later about how it went. Until next time!

My first Blog!
To start writing about myself is not quite a dream come true, so to speak, not because I am impossible to deal with, or because I live in denial, It is just not too enticing mostly because I am an actor with too much passion and too much energy, and trust me my friends, that one is a tough one to handle. In other words my hands are full. Once I keep writing I cannot stop, so bare with me.
I was born in Hungary, with my twin sister, Merci. My parents went to Hungary to study and both of them became professionals, mom is a devoted doctor and devoted mother.My dad, a passionate journalist and a writer. Both of them had been a strong influence in my life., and in our lives, Merci, Esteban my brother and me. The three of us were very good kids, I think.
We went to Costa Rica to live there, for quite some time. We grew up with a lot of discipline, love for knowledge and a heck of a passion for books, bicycles and arts. And a lot of TV.
I decided to be part of this fascinating world since I was very young. We took private classes of drama,music and guitar, if i remember right. We went to a Conservatory Castella, a conservatory for the arts for four years, and that one was a funny, unexpected and crazy experience. Academics in the morning and arts in the afternoon. Of course my energy has always been a big issue to deal with. I didn't break any chairs in class, -Just for the record!- I've never been violent., but, I was aware that my destiny was on stage., even though I was extremely shy to the point that I couldn't look at my acting coach straight to his eye,I was,- I think , afraid of everybody, even my own shadow., and that my friends was quite pathetic., but because there is a God up there I found the way to break away from that fear and move on and do beautiful things. It looks like I am making a confession at this moment, but I cannot help it, emotions make us who we are.
Theatre, dance, modern dance, classical ballet, improvisation, - Tons of it! , fencing, music, you name it. We learned a lot about the Arts. They trained us to read music as well. All forgotten., of course. I studied even harp for a bit, everything was required. Can you see me with a harp, I can barely manage my own weight, and harp is all about balance..You don't know how many times I went to the floor. Then, I knew music was not my calling.
I grew up taking acting and dance classes, I don't think it was a choice. It was our life. My brother was the funny one, I was the shy one. He still is so funny, he is the clown of the family.
I did plays in school, and high school, and then I went to college to study Dramatic Arts at the University of Costa Rica. That was a great experience for me. I learned a lot from my teachers and my friends..I had so much fun doing what I was doing that I couldn't stop. Acting is a need and in my case, I drug. Its an obsession and I cannot imagine my life without it-
College was a great memory. I still have my notes, I always take notes. I am obsessed with knowledge and I have to write things down. It was four years there. I played a lot of scenes from Moliere, Shakespeare, Ibsen, Tennessee Williams, Strindberg- one of my favorite playwrights all time. Scenes from Garcia Lorca as well. Maria Pineda.. I remember that one.
Neil Simon, of course, Ionesco, Genet among others.
During my years of college I worked for the National Theater Company of Costa Rica and for the University Theater as well. The national Company gave me confidence to keep doing what I was doing. They were a lot of fun to work with. I remember I always clean the stage before I was performing. I helped all the guys to do the dirty job. I like that.
They do an amazing job in Costa Rica developing classic and modern material. Each of one of theirs members were great to me.
I won Best Upcoming Actor Award from Costa Rica 1993 and 1994., two consecutive years and two awards at the University of Costa Rica for outstanding student.
I kept doing plays like Rhynoceros by Ionesco, Six characters in Search of an Author by Pirandello,etc,
National plays written in Costa Rica was part of the experience as well, and a lot of improvisation work., that is in my opinion a strong asset of mine. The love for improvisation and experimental theater is been the core of my training as an actor.
I had great teachers, from all over the world, from Argentina, Costa Rica, Russia, Uruguay, Mexico, Japan among other countries. The importance of being able to express emotions through your body has been one of my main interests. Modern dance and Movement are essential for the training. In Acting, you have to take risks, and never play safe. Risk with intelligence and work as hard as you can, enjoy the work, learn from it and then let it go and move on. That has been my experience. I love to rehearse and try different things. i never think about the result, EVER! I need freedom. I need breathing room.
Coming to NY. That was a big decision of mine.
I was almost twenty-six when I lost my mind and decided to be part of this Great City.
What can I tell you that you don't know..
New York is a dream come true. It is so tough to be here that you have only one choice: Live or Die., simple as that. There are no games here, ask the Landlord!
I started doing theater with The Raul Julia Training Program, and I took some classes there. I met my wonderful friend, brother and associate producer there, Alex del Romero., an exquisite actor with a lot of devotion for the craft. We met and we worked together, for a reason I think. He is been a great friend of mine. A man of integrity and talent.
During the period, I met my husband, boxing trainer and Two time world champion Joey Gamache. He hass been a great support of mine, always believing in what I can do. The marriage alone has been quite a school and learning experience for me. He taught me a lot about life. He always says : "Sissy, you learn more from your losses that your wins " and that is so true.
In my first years in NY I met Marilyn Sokol., a friend, actor and member at The Actors Studio.-She brought me there, as a working observer. I cannot tell you, enough what I had learned from that place, the amount of knowledge, experience and love for the craft is superb. I am not even a member yet and the Studio has giving me so much. It is a very special place for me. Not only for what I had seen and learned from seen the work in session, but because all the wonderful talent I came across with. People like Marilyn Sokol, John Michael Bolger, an exquisite actor who is always taking risk,Michael Aronov, Michael is a great talent and I can only hope he makes it like he deserves!, Mike Roche, Sayra Player, Joan Porter, My god! I almost forgot Frank Biancamano, he is an exquisite playwright and actor, Elizabeth Kemp, Brenda Hearing, and of course, my other special friend and my research consultant Charles Casano, one of the best stage managers I know.!! and I can keep going.. I get excited only to go back in time and see what I had seen! Plus, all the knowledge from moderators, names that don't come to mind to mention because I don't want to sound like a name dropper.
I studied with Marilyn Sokol, Austin Pleddlenton, Stella Pulo, Bill Milling, and some others.
Doing productions with the Raul Julia training program, like " La fabula de los cinco caminantes ", it was a great experience for me.To work with independent theater groups like Love Creek Productions and The Family Warrior with Anton Pagan, Lou Torres, and Jose Sanchez has been one of the wonderful experiences I ever had .. A lot of fun and lot of work.
Auditioning., NO JOKE!! Everywhere with everybody!! That is my friends, part of the journey.
Independent films and projects, Yes, still working on it.
Extra work. Why not? It is in my past, you can check the waivers.
TV.. YES!! Now, I am doing this show, The Sissy Gamache Show., with my wonderful exquisite team, Alex del Romero, Charles Casano, Mike Tapp, Erika Kendrick, a fantastic fiction writer, Gloria Messer, a great source of knowledge in terms of EVERYTHING IF I AM ALLOW DO SAY SO!, Esteban Gil Giron, my father and artistic contributor, my inspiration and my role model, I cannot include my mother here in this cast because it is going too far, My technical support at MNN, channel 56. . Drew Taylor, Rich, Roberto, Stephanie, Melanie, Chris., and my God, My teacher, singing teacher Annette Hollander, she is part of the team. Wiht out them I simply cannot do what i do-
It is team work! Its been a great year.
I do this once a week, WE, do this once a week, every friday night at 7.30, I go live and it is so much fun.
It is heavy work but it is worthy. We want to keep growing and in the words of my boy Mr Hugh Ledger in the Dark Knight: " This is a small operation but theres a lot of potential for aggressive expansion ".
Every year living in NY has been a great, wonderful,
happy, sad,crazy and unbelievable experience. This city make us stronger, no doubt. I was there, downtown september 11 and I saw the second plane hitting the second tower. It was the first time in my life in NY that I felt fear. Thousands of people got killed and millions got hurt. I was there, that day this city became part of me. I love it and I honored every single human being who fight for what is right and what is beautiful. Life is unbearable for me if there is no honor or integrity.
The love for my family has been my inspiration.
I have two nephews who are my life,Tomas and Valentina.
I love movies and theater, I read like crazy, everything is in my interest, Politics, big time! Andersoon Cooper and Charlie Rose are my boys!
History, movie making, Hello Kittie, cartoons, chocolate, I can watch a movie a hundred times and I don't get bored!, I am obsessed with cleaning, dusting and sweeping, I write everything down, I am an aries. My mother says to me: You dare too much!! and I always say: I was born in March.
Great books and great movies and actors are my inspiration as well.
Life is a journey and I am only hoping for the best.
My religion:
God, my family, and my profession.
Passions: Films, Theater and Literature. And a lot of news.
Singers: Barbra Streisand,Madonna, and Bon Jovi. I am a huge huge fan of his, I'm in love with him. When I went to see him two years ago at Central Park I couldn't believe how great he was, I said to myself:, and I was first row:
" If I can be that good, half good, I am happy "-
Great Talent is a huge turn on, Ask anybody who knows me. When I see great talent, I stand up and clap, very hard. And I can be loud too., So.,
This is it.
I am working on a one woman show for the stage call:
" Me, myself in America ".. A lot of work.. it is in the process and I continue developing plays with the help of Frank Biancamano.. The titles are The affair and The lesson. A lot of work as well. I love writing dialogue and I am working very hard at it. The plot is everything and of course, developing characters is a long way to go. I am a baby, in so many ways. I don't thing I ever grew up.
For the future, only God knows. Just keep doing and working, remain humble because in Acting, I dont thing we ever get it right! Lets put it this way: I don't take myself seriously but I take very seriously what I do. Does it make any sense?